OK Guys! In this Page I am going to write about Naruto News! If there is something special about Naruto anime and his films. I will try to let all of you guys know! So basically today I am gonna write a short “Get to Know” paragraph about Naruto! Naruto is a Japanese Anime which is very popular among teenagers all around the world! So Naruto is a child who is studying at Ninja Academy in Konoha Village(“Konoha”  Means hidden Leaf in Japanese Language). His parents died when there was attack by a 9 tailed Fox which was summoned by Uchiha Madara! Uchiha Madara is one of the evil Ninjas of the Dark world! He wants to take whole world under the control.

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Main characters are Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke. They are best friends, however Naruto have some problems with Uchiha Sasuke. Because Sasuke got his parents killed by his own brother. After that he wants to take revenge from his brother and everyday thinks of that by not paying attention to his friends. You can watch the anime on this web-site for Russian subs check out this web-site but in this web site you can also find anime with English Subs! So I hope you will enjoin watching Naruto. From my experience I can say that Naruto taught me a lot how to be a true friend! I also recommend you to watch it! Below I will uploading a new videos or News about Naruto Shippuden!

Here Below You can find a Link to new Episode of Naruto Shippuden 212

Naruto Shippuden 212


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