20 New Futuristic Gadgets!

 I am giving 1st place to this Gadget.  These all gadgets That I am going to describe today are all Experimental gadgets and are not in sale right now. But there is a plan to represent them to public in the near future! In this picture you can see that the cell phone is based on a glass and water. It feels like you holding a water cellular in your hands. But Actually it is very advanced cellular that can make your mouths open. Further information is not posted yet. If there will be any I will let you know guys!

Mozilla Seabird

 This amazing gadget can do magic stuff like projecting a video to a wall or a slide. Mozilla is been working on this project so deep and will present to public in the near future! It is very powerful and multi-task cellular that I couldn’t even describe in words on order to get familiar with this gadget I posted a video of it. Check the video below!

Phone Concept With Beats by Dre Technology

 This Phone is been experimented in HP labs! Have no idea about its future. But According some news it will leave iPhone and HTC on the far back!

Look like Futuristic Science Films are coming true!

Concept dual-touchscreen smartphone

                      YoYo Phone Concept

Phone with 3D Hologram Display


                Futuristic Technology Concept


                           Eclipse Intuit Phone

                      LG Flutter Concept Phone



                   NEC’s “Tag” Phone Concept


                       LG Helix Bracelet Phone 


                            Motorola Sparrow 

             Yuxa From Eco-Friendly Materials

                      Nokia 888 Mobile Phone 

                             Relexer Cellphone

           Nokia Morph Cell Phone Concept

                          LG’s Folding Phone 

                Nokia Kinetic Concept Design 

                 Philips Fluid Flexible Concept


                           Glass Phone Concept



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